EQUA Mead Learning Trust


Allergens and anaphylaxis

equa mead allergen and anaphylaxis policy.pdf

Attendance and absence

equa mead attendance and absence policy.pdf

Charging and remissions

equa mead charging and remissions policy.pdf


equa mead complaints policy 1 .pdf

Data protection

equa mead data protection policy.pdf


Protection of biometric data

equa mead protecton of biometric data policy.pdf

Early Career Teacher (ECT) induction

equa mead early career teacher induction policy.pdf

Equality, diversity and inclusion

equa mead equality diversity and inclusion policy.pdf

Equality statement

equa mead equality statement objectives.pdf

First aid

equa mead first aid policy.pdf

Health and safety

equa mead health and safety policy.pdf

Looked After Children (LAC)

equa mead looked after children policy.pdf

Online safety

equa mead online safety policy.pdf

Privacy notice for job applicants

equa mead privacy notice for job applicants.pdf


Safeguarding and child protection

equa mead safeguarding and child protection policy.pdf


equa mead send policy.pdf

Supporting children and young people with medical conditions (including medication)

equa mead supporting pupils with medical need policy including administering medication.pdf

Suspensions and exclusions

equa mead suspension and exclusion policy.pdf


equa mead whistleblowing policy.pdf